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We help design teams get the most out of their products and people by combining solid design expertise with strategic and 'design thinking'.

The team at UXD is a small, hard working lot. We are focused and deliver solutions that are beyond the capacity of other similarly sized operations. At UXD, clients have access to high-level UX expertise without the prohibitive rates and egos that are sometimes present in larger organizations. All engagements at UXD are managed by a senior partner who would work alongside your business/ marketing/ product teams to bring in not just design efficiency but product effectiveness's

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Shim J Palladan CXO

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Shim co-founder UXD is 2008. He emphasizes that form and function follows innovation. He made his career as an entrepreneur who walks the fine line between human emotions, computers and commerce. He is the master juggler of all the disciplines that merge at UXD to create user friendly digital assets. He can be reached on

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Kranti M Director

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A serial entrepreneur for most part, worked with 40+ start-ups as advisor or mentor, via organizations like Google Launchpad, Microsoft Accelerator, NUMA, NSRCEL, IIM Bangalore and others. Helped scale design differentiated company’s multiple times to $1Mn+ revenues. Focused on building truly user centered products and companies, using design thinking, rapid iterative prototyping and growth hacking as tools of the trade.

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Highly recommended. The UXD team has consistently delivered outstanding clean designs and very practical ideas with impeccable work ethics. This quality and commitment from them is what has given us the confidence to rely on them for key strategic projects.


We follow an iterative, design co-creation process. Our services are carefully designed to compliment your internal teams, capabilities and availability thereby giving you max bang for your design buck

Audit & Advisory

Audit & Advisory

As product owners, one tends to get too close to the product and fail to see the blind spots. It gets harder for you to pin point the problems and possible areas of improvement. UXD's Audit and Advisory service helps to get your key metrics back on track with the help of an 'expert review' of your product by examining over 300 checkpoints covering over 40 UX related topics. Our independent position allows for unbiased evaluation and fresh perspectives

Design & Development

Design & Development

UX Design can neither be fully insourced nor outsourced. It has to be co-sourced. With out Design & Development service, we get more hands on with the product design using a co-sourced co-creation model. We do this by creating a product team comprising product/ domain/ UX/ UI/ dev resources from your internal team complimented by the our own resources that may be required to fill all the gaps we may have to get the product back into the growth path.

If you need to create an experience behind stunning designs, UXD knows how


While we spend most of our waking hours reengineering complex enterprise products, we have a lot of experience working on diverse digital products - from AI powered chatbots to high traffic consumer apps

software products across devices & platforms

chatbots & AI systems

ecommerce & online business websites

corporate & brand website

Be it Audit or Design, we do it across most user touch points to ensure consistent omnichannel brand and product experience. We had a long run and one good thing that comes out of this is the opportunities we get. We have worked on various domains and across platforms. We have engineered and designed complex enterprise products to small consumer apps.

We now harness all the experience we thus gained along with our traditional UX expertise to provide predictable UX audit & design services. When we undertake product design, we do it with a passion and ownership bringing together years of accumulated experience in working in the trenches with Fortune 50s to start ups alike.

Our well tested approach and process help product firms and entrepreneurs bring innovative ideas to the market within a predictable time span and result. Working with us can significantly reduce the time required to get your product to market. Instead of designing and developing blind, our process (see below) helps companies deliver exactly what users want more efficiently and effectively

Process Cycle:Identification|Analysis|Strategy|User Research|Ideation|Conception|Project Planning|Engineering|Design|Development|User Testing

Our process is systematic enough to deliver the intentional, yet flexible enough not to stifle innovation. While we understand the need for rigid linear processes, we also tend to juggle the elements to encourage new ideas and out-of-the-box thinking

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  • Innovation
  • Idea Validation
  • Opportunity Evaluation
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Positioning & Differentiation
  • Explorative research
  • Business Model Generation
  • Product Market Fit
  • Core Need definition
  • Problem definition
  • Solution Definition
  • Opportunity definition
  • User Research
  • Conceptual Design
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  • Definitions and documentation
  • Personas/ Scenarios/ Contexts
  • Journey Maps/ Empathy Maps
  • User feedbacks and analytics
  • User Stories, Use cases, Task Models
  • Product modeling, Product definition
  • Core features, MVP Definition
  • Product Roadmap
  • Project Planning
  • Value proposition
  • Standard features, Delight features
  • GTM features
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  • Task Modeling, Work flows
  • Micro moments, Micro Interactions
  • Structure, Zoning, Navigation
  • Information Architecture (hi-fi)
  • Content strategy, Content design
  • Interaction Design
  • Wire Framing
  • Mobile strategy
  • OS specific IA/ ID
  • Expert Review/ Usability Audit
  • Onboarding & Help
  • Proto typing, User Testing
  • Technology Selection
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  • Design Systems
  • Visual Language, Visual Design
  • Visual Usability
  • Aesthetics, Branding
  • Brand Identity, Brand UI
  • Brand content, Brand Image
  • User centric visual design
  • Visualization
  • Iconography,Illustrations
  • Creating design assets
  • Data visualization
  • Guidelines, Style Guide
  • Communication Design
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  • Front End Frame works
  • Front End Development
  • User Testing
  • A/B Testing
  • Back End Integration
  • Speed and performance
  • Metrics
  • Analytics
Audit/ Test/ Measure/ Observe/ Feedback / More insights/ Infer/ Refine/ Test/ Optimize/ Fine tune/ Innovate/ Pivot


If you are reading this, chances are that you have identified an opportunity in the market and have got that big idea – enterprise product/ ecommerce portal/ mobile app - whatever!

Else, you have hit the market but feel you would rather use your competitor’s product ;) Either way, for an enterprise or an entrepreneur, the first few steps are to identify, validate, analyze, conceive and then to MODEL the product.

Modeling is the stage when everything comes together to shape the product – the idea, research insights, intuition, positioning, GTM strategy, rues, algorithms, salient features, internal strengths, money in hand etc. It defines what the product IS.


  • The inputs required at this stage are concept notes, requirement and use case documentation, lots of face time if possible, and research reports and insights.
  • If extensive research is involved, it is outsourced and is conducted with the help of specialized research firms.


  • We can help you concretize the idea, define value propositions and MODEL the product.
  • Deliverables would be a combination of mind maps, empathy maps, user journey models, task models, user / product requirement documents, use case documentation or Lo-Fidelity wire-frames.


Interaction Design

Once we have a concrete idea about what the product is and we have internalized what we have understood, we pick up our prized tools- papers, pencils and erasers! We are yet to find prototyping tools that beat these.

We think, discuss, sometimes argue, then make rough sketches, erase, sketch again... this goes on till we feel that we have a grip on the key interactions and work flows.

We then go on to make interactive hi-fidelity prototypes that help you and the users get involved in the engineering process. This way, we add more detail iteratively and ensure that we have users on our side.


  • At this entry point, UXD would require mid/ hi fidelity wire frames (access to the application in the case of running apps) that will be used as the functional base for the rest of the re-engineering process.


  • Information Architecture and Interaction design of the entire application delivered as annotated Wire frames – Wire frames will be developed using any popular wire framing tool and will be delivered as PDFs.

Interface Design

Some call it the ‘wow’ factor. We call it the ‘Oomph’ factor. We believe that visual design provides not just a good first impression but also elicits an emotional response. Visual design is more than colors, graphics, typography, & images; it makes the design speak in a language of its own.

Visual experience design means different things to different types of projects – brand websites/ ecommerce websites/ enterprise applications/ mobile applications etc. While the mix can vary, it brings together communication design, visualization, messaging, instruction, graphic design, typography, iconography, transitions, animations and other visual components that are required to conceive a visual language that enhances the overall user experience


  • Hi-Fi wire frames or screen shots of the existing screens


    • The outcomes at this stage are - fully finished visual/ GUI designs and a relevant style guide.
    • Communication/ Visual/ Graphic design/ Iconization of the unique screens will be delivered in Photoshop files. Designs will be shared in JPEG files for client approvals.
    • A style guide will be provided that would give specifications on the visual language
    • The style guide would provide specifications for layouts, margins, alignments, fonts, typography & colors as per the visual designs.
    • The style guide will be delivered as a consolidated PDF document.


At UXD, front end Development (also referred to as Client-Side Development) is a process of converting our designs into code using HTML, CSS, JS, JQ and other related front end technologies. With increasing complexity of platforms, devices and interoperability, we found the need for specialists for quality deliverables of both – the front end and the server side/ back end development. So with the help of these trusted partnerships, we can deliver a good front end code, and if need be, can also do the back-end integration.

Our front end code is written in such a way as to facilitate integration into back-end software and content management systems.


  • UXD can do the front end development for websites, e-commerce websites, online business sites, and also enterprise apps across devices.
  • In the case of websites and e-commerce sites, we would need the Visual Design Source files (Photoshop) along with the Style Guide.
  • For the front end development of enterprise apps (with a standard Visual Language) we accept a Visual Design UI Kit along with a Style Guide.


  • The deliverable is high quality front end code that can be easily integrated into the back end or any CMS system.
  • The code will be tested for consistency, browser compatibility, responsiveness (depending on the requirement), performance like loading time etc.

design thinkers. not just designers

design thinkers. not just designers

UXD turns your idea into profitable businesses using an approach involving equally designers and design thinkers. While designing shares a lot with design thinking, we feel the differences though subtle makes all the difference. For most part we are a team of interaction, information, interface or visual communication designers who gets busy implementing your product ideas. For the other part, we also have seasoned senior folks whom you could hire to validate those ideas, evaluate the opportunity, brainstorm GTM strategies, define MVP, get involved with fund raising and sometimes define the problem itself.

design on demand

design on demand

Design on demand simply means that we are around when you needs us. Our engagement models are designed to compliment your product teams along your development sprints and your production releases. We realize that in the long term all product companies would at least in part 'internalize' their UX design.. so our model helps you hire and pay for just what's needed.



With our experience of working over hundreds of projects in the last 12 years and mentoring / training/ coaching multiple product teams, we have seen most project types. We do the same task in lesser time and pass on those saved bucks to you. The saved hours when combined with high quality execution and fewer mistakes helps us add value to our engagements

And finally, here are a few things about us which defines us and makes us unique. Things that got us many opportunities to work with some of the best people in the industry

top heavy

top heavy

Every project is managed directly by a very senior partner. This means application of best practices, total control and sound project management with fewer iterations, This also helps us draw from our years of experience and advice you on doing the right things when it come to user experience design/ product design thereby improving the quality of the outcome.



When we say quality, we are usually referring to better conversions, better user reviews, better product engagement and overall better numbers. Having said that we do the pixel pushing too to ensure pixel perfect and high quality designs and design systems.


To know more do drop us a line......

  • +91 9886717530

  • UXD Labs
    1144 Amberton In,
    Newbury Park, CA 91320

    UX Design & Innovation Labs Pvt Ltd
    #51, MCHS Colony, Sector 4 HSR
    Bangalore, India, Karnataka - 560 035

/ work

Over the last few years, our work has impacted over 50 million users through over 250 projects & products. Below are snapshots of some of our recent work. Please get in touch for more details

Mass 360

Mass 360

UX/ UI for a suite of products for a cognitive unified endpoint management system from IBM



UX Audit, UX/UI design for Sprinklr - The most complete social media management platform for the enterprise



UX partner for XCM Solutions - A complete productivity enablement and workflow platform



UX Audit and Re-engineering, Interface Design, Design Systems for a Channel Data Management Software

Target One


Re-engineer and design Manthan Systems ‘Campaign Management Application’ to make it more intuitive and less cumbersome for a repeat user.



Design and development of a responsive GUI for an enterprise class customer engagement application



UX/ UI redesign for A learning app targeting high schoolers



Audit & Advisory for an Enterprise
Grade Information Management



Design and development of a responsive GUI for an enterprise class customer engagement application for a technology Start-up



UI re-design for a SAP consulting firm

Asian Paints


Re-engineered web screens of a leading ERP sales and dealer management module for use on tablets for the company’s sales team



Onmichannel digital content for tabs, kiosks and large touch surfaces.



A tablet based interactive learning operating system called touch-on-cloud for a start-up in edutech



UX/ UI redesign for an integrated shipping solutions in the cloud



Omnichannel experience design for a landline based IP telephony



UX/UI for a startup - Krowd - helps you discover what people everywhere are saying about things you’re interested in.


A Phone Manufacturer

UXD was commissioned to design operating layer for a leading handset brand



Design thinking & design services for a travel startup


Usha Martin

Website redesign for Usha Martin - a leading manufacturer of wire ropes and steel

Cure Garden

Cure Garden

eCommerce website for a leading provider of alternate medicine



One of India’s leading matrimonial website



Bringing technology solutions to Health and Human Services agencies



We worked with Vista Print to design a Websites Design Studio for the mobile

Clients with over 200 projects behind us, we have tons to show and tell… we look forward to your call…

Client Logos:CGI|Jockey|Vistaprint|Aditya Birla|Religare|Giftloop|lttiam|Manthan Systems|Mob Stac||Usha Martin|Research Square|Strides|Bengaluru International Airport|LAVA|Indigo Nation|Collegify|Scullers

To know more do drop us a line or drop by our office...

  • +91 9886717530

  • UX Design Labs
    1144 Amberton In,
    Newbury Park, CA 91320

    UX Design & Innovation Labs Pvt Ltd
    #51, MCHS Colony, Sector 4 HSR,
    Bangalore, India, Karnataka - 560 035

UXD modernized the websites for – a popular Gift Discovery Websites with new design that enhances its uniqueness., as it suggests, is a gift discovery portal, where one can discover, buy and send gifts to people they care about. The site can boast of gift ideas that were truly unique and hard to find.

The objective was to position it as house-hold name in gifting and get top-of-the -mind awareness when it came to gifting among the informed and discerning user.

Services Offered :