We are a user experience design firm based in Bangalore, India. We design Websites, Applications & Chatbots that can make your users happy and your business successful

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Our work is characterised by extreme usability as well as arresting aesthetics. Take a sneak peek into a fistful of our projects across screen sizes and platforms

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We are a cross-disciplinary team of information, interaction, and visual communication designers specializing in the art and science of user experience design.

Team Polygon:Technology Focus|Features Focus|UX Focus

The team at UXD is a small, hard working lot. We are focused and deliver solutions that are beyond the capacity of other similarly sized operations. At UXD, clients have access to high-level UX expertise without the prohibitive rates and egos that are sometimes present in larger organizations.

By combining our strategic, creative and technology skills with our ability to innovate, we help convert opportunities into real solutions with our proven process of research, innovation, planning and execution.

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Shim J Palladan

Shim J PalladanFounder & Chief Experience Officer

Shim J Palladan has made his career as an entrepreneur who walks the fine line between human emotions, computers and commerce. He is the founder and Chief Experience Officer at UXD. He is the master juggler of all the disciplines that merge at UXD to create user friendly digital assets.

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Kranti M

Kranti MDirector - Strategic Consulting

At UXD, Kranti advises our clients on Digital Success Consulting’, be it for a business critical website, a mobile app or an ecommerce initiative. He has a career of over a decade in building and implementing marketing and web strategies for several fortune 500 companies in the Travel, Entertainment, Infrastructure, Education and Technology industries.

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Highly recommended. The UXD team has consistently delivered outstanding clean designs and very practical ideas with impeccable work ethics. This quality and commitment from them is what has given us the confidence to rely on them for key strategic projects.


Our designs are characterized by extreme usability & arresting aesthetics and our services are divided along those same lines

Interaction Design

How it works

Interaction Design involves one or more of the following tasks depending on budgets, time in hand, entry point and project type. Engagement models vary from consulting, T&M or fixed bids.

  • Design thinking | Idea & Opportunity Evaluation | Product definition | MVP & Road mapping | Product/ website Strategy | UX Documentation | User Research | Expert Reviews | Usability Audits & Re-engineering | Information Architecture | Interaction Design | Wire framing | Prototyping | Usability Testing

  • Services offered across devices and platforms - Desktop, Tablet and Mobile for iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry.

Interface Design

How it looks

Interface Design involves one or more of the following tasks depending on project type. Input to Interface design are hi-fidelity wireframes either provided by the client or wired at UXD

  • Visual Communication design | Graphic Design | Visualization | Infographics | Business Diagrams | Iconography | Typography | Style Guide | Design assets for development across resolutions, devices and platforms | Front end development

  • We design responsive corporate and brands websites, Interfaces for mobile apps and websites, tablet applications, Interfaces for Enterprise thick or thin client applications and Chatbots across all devices and platforms

If you need to create an experience behind stunning designs, UXD knows how


Over the last 5 years we have successfully engineered, designed and delivered over 200 products/ apps/ websites that are easy and delightful to use.

software products across devices & platforms

With UXD's user-centric applications, you will be uniquely positioned to deliver an enriched user experience to your consumers - anytime, anywhere, and on any device. We provide usability engineering and interface design services that help organizations ensure that their products and applications work well in the hands of users, customers and clients. We design...

Both Native & HTML5 mobile apps for iPhone/ Android/ Windows/ BB

Complex thick and thin client B2B enterprise applications

Native/ HTML tablet first apps for traditional enterprise application screens

Operating layers over Andriod OS for mobile phones

ecommerce & online business websites

Our approach and processes help entrepreneurs bring innovative ideas to the market within a predictable time span and result. Working with us can significantly reduce the time required to get your eCommerce website right. Instead of designing and developing blind and iterating, our approach helps companies deliver exactly what users actually want, more efficiently.

corporate & brand website

We believe that user experience design is not about designing pretty websites. It's about making it work for you. We design websites that create lasting impressions, improve brand recall, forge an emotional connect, build credibility and trust, generate leads and sell your products.

Process Cycle:Identification|Analysis|Strategy|User Research|Ideation|Conception|Project Planning|Engineering|Design|Development|User Testing

Our process is systematic enough to deliver the intentional, yet flexible enough not to stifle innovation. While we understand the need for rigid linear processes, we also tend to juggle the elements to encourage new ideas and out-of-the-box thinking

checkout our design process

User Testing & Validation


  • Ideation
  • Strategy
  • Analysis
  • Research
  • UX Documentation



  • Content Design
  • Information Architecture
  • Interaction Design
  • Wireframes ⁄ Prototyping
  • Structure and Navigation

Visual Design

  • Iconography
  • Common Design
  • Graphics Design
  • Visualisation
  • Style Guides


  • Front End Development
  • Back End Development
  • Algorithms
  • Architecture


If you are reading this, chances are that you have identified an opportunity in the market and have got that big idea – enterprise product/ ecommerce portal/ mobile app - whatever!

Else, you have hit the market but feel you would rather use your competitor’s product ;) Either way, for an enterprise or an entrepreneur, the first few steps are to identify, validate, analyse, conceive and then to MODEL the product.

Modelling is the stage when everything comes together to shape the product – the idea, research insights, intuition, positioning, GTM strategy, rues, algorithms, salient features, internal strengths, money in hand etc. It defines what the product IS.


  • The inputs required at this stage are concept notes, requirement and use case documentation, lots of face time if possible, and research reports and insights.
  • If extensive research is involved, it is outsourced and is conducted with the help of specialized research firms.


  • We can help you concretize the idea, define value propositions and MODEL the product.
  • Deliverables would be a combination of mind maps, empathy maps, user journey models, task models, user / product requirement documents, use case documentation or Lo-Fidelity wire-frames.


Interaction Design

Once we have a concrete idea about what the product is and we have internalized what we have understood, we pick up our prized tools- papers, pencils and erasers! We are yet to find prototyping tools that beat these.

We think, discuss, sometimes argue, then make rough sketches, erase, sketch again... this goes on till we feel that we have a grip on the key interactions and workflows.

We then go on to make interactive hi-fidelity prototypes that help you and the users get involved in the engineering process. This way, we add more detail iteratively and ensure that we have users on our side.


  • At this entry point, UXD would require mid/ hi fidelity wireframes (access to the application in the case of running apps) that will be used as the functional base for the rest of the re-engineering process.


  • Information Architecture and Interaction design of the entire application delivered as annotated Wire frames – Wire frames will be developed using any popular wire framing tool and will be delivered as PDFs.

Interface Design

Some call it the ‘wow’ factor. We call it the ‘Oomph’ factor. We believe that visual design provides not just a good first impression but also elicits an emotional response. Visual design is more than colours, graphics, typography, & images; it makes the design speak in a language of its own.

Visual experience design means different things to different types of projects – brand websites/ ecommerce websites/ enterprise applications/ mobile applications etc. While the mix can vary, it brings together communication design, visualization, messaging, instruction, graphic design, typography, iconography, transitions, animations and other visual components that are required to conceive a visual language that enhances the overall user experience


  • Hi-Fi wireframes or screen shots of the existing screens


    • The outcomes at this stage are - fully finished visual/ GUI designs and a relevant style guide.
    • Communication/ Visual/ Graphic design/ Iconization of the unique screens will be delivered in Photoshop files. Designs will be shared in JPEG files for client approvals.
    • A style guide will be provided that would give specifications on the visual language
    • The style guide would provide specifications for layouts, margins, alignments, fonts, typography & colours as per the visual designs.
    • The style guide will be delivered as a consolidated PDF document.


At UXD, front end Development (also referred to as Client-Side Development) is a process of converting our designs into code using HTML, CSS, JS, JQ and other related front end technologies. With increasing complexity of platforms, devices and interoperability, we found the need for specialists for quality deliverables of both – the front end and the server side/ back end development. So with the help of these trusted partnerships, we can deliver a good front end code, and if need be, can also do the back-end integration.

Our front end code is written in such a way as to facilitate integration into back-end software and content management systems.


  • UXD can do the front end development for websites, e-commerce websites, online business sites, and also enterprise apps across devices.
  • In the case of websites and e-commerce sites, we would need the Visual Design Source files (Photoshop) along with the Style Guide.
  • For the front end development of enterprise apps (with a standard Visual Language) we accept a Visual Design UI Kit along with a Style Guide.


  • The deliverable is high quality front end code that can be easily integrated into the back end or any CMS system.
  • The code will be tested for consistency, browser compatibility, responsiveness (depending on the requirement), performance like loading time etc.



User Experience Design with your business in mind.

UX Design Labs turns your idea into profitable businesses using a unique approach to User Experience Design involving thorough user & market research, incisive web strategy, agile design methodologies, and evolutionary improvements. This in turn helps to:

  • Design websites and applications that set you apart from the rest
  • Optimize your site to meet business goals
  • Innovate on features and functionality to give you the competitive edge
  • Build interactive experiences that deliver
  • Avoid wasteful expenditure and increase your ROI
  • Improve customer conversion




“ Don't make me think ”

– steve krug


Phylosophy Need|Wants|Desires|Innovation

Form & function follows innovation

Today it takes a lot more to keep your users happy. Great is not good enough. Needs are satisfied while desires are not and will never be. The most successful companies (read Apple) don't satisfy needs... they go after our desires. User insights and innovation is key.

So when we are talking about design, we are talking about innovation. At UXD, innovation is at the core of our thinking which precedes and permeates both form and function.

Over the years we have learnt that the key to designing great user experiences is not just about multi-disciplinary expertise but in the subtle art of integrating them with a clear business and product vision.




Simple interfaces are easy on the eye, effortless to understand and also to use. It makes life easier and hence happier for the user. They will love you for it! But while all that is true, most 'simple' interfaces are too plain and lackluster. We make sure that our interfaces are as aesthetic as their functionalities are intuitive. We believe that we need to balance form and function to create a unique user experience.

the whole

A successful product or application is the result of detailed and thorough understanding of the fundamental business processes behind it - the organizational objectives, competition, marketing fundamentals, go to market strategy, entry barriers, USP, core value etc. We listen, analyze and understand the facts in their totality and the insights we gain is factored into our designs.

believe in
the user

The user is at the core of all that we do at UX Design Labs. We pride ourselves for our ability to 'think user' and look at our work from an 'outside in' perspective. Our user research process is tuned to hear what they say and 'pick up' what they don't. We use these findings to drive our work and help us design products and websites that really matter to them..



Our mission is to be one among the most respected user experience design firms in the world. We seem to be getting there... slowly but surely.

With every engagement we have continued to learn and get better at the nuances, skills and processes that produce great user experience design across devices and touch points.

Our combination of quality, commitment and value has resulted in over 130 happy customers, 270 projects and much learning.


Our service is prompt and personal and we take pride in it! Drop us a line for an informal chat about your project or to set up a more detailed meeting.

Website design for Scrmble - A social app for creating, sharing, and earning achievements

Usability re-engineering and visual experience design for a pricing strategy product used by Fortune 50 retail giants

Enterprise sales force automation application re-engineered for iOS devices

Usability re-engineering of a hosted 'mobile' application meant to design and develop websites on the small screen; for a leading online provider of marketing products and services to small businesses around the globe

UXD modernised the website for Giftloop - a popular gift discovery website. The aim was to conceptulize new architecture and design that can enhance its uniquenes

Marketing Campaign Management app with the capability to design highly personalized campaigns

Design and development of a responsive GUI for an enterprise class customer engagement application for a technology Start-up

A tablet based interactive learning operating system called touch-on-cloud for a start-up in the education technology space

Redesign of to move it from a content driven food and restaurant listing portal to a crowd sourced food discovery infrastructure for Zunaa Software - A Crowd Sourced Food Spotting Portal

Creation of a Visual layer over the Android Platform for an India based growing phone maker

Design of the Collegify website and an admission assistance portal targeting students applying for graduate programs in foreign universities.

Corporate website redesign of to affirm a leadership position and a truly global status; for Strides Arcolabs Ltd

Modelling, engineering and design of a SaaS based digital distribution platform for a IT products company focusing on telematics and media

Enterprise class sales force automation and dealer management application re-engineered for tablets; for a large manufacturing company

A one stop solution to complete the application and document submissions procedure for schools, colleges and other institutions.

Clients with over 200 projects behind us, we have tons to show and tell… we look forward to your call…

Client Logos:CGI|Jockey|Vistaprint|Aditya Birla|Religare|Giftloop|lttiam|Manthan Systems|Mob Stac||Usha Martin|Research Square|Strides|Bengaluru International Airport|LAVA|Indigo Nation|Collegify|Scullers

UXD modernised the website for – a popular Gift Discovery Website with new design that enhances its uniquenes., as it suggests, is a gift discovery portal, where one can discover, buy and send gifts to people they care about. The site can boast of gift ideas that were truly unique and hard to find.

The objective was to position it as house-hold name in gifting and get top-of-the -mind awareness when it came to gifting among the informed and discerning user.

Services Offered :