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User Experience Strategy & DesignUser Experience Strategy & Design

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We are a user experience design firm based in Bangalore, India. We design software products, applications and websites that will make your user happy and your business successful.

recent work

Creating an online world of learning

Harness Handitouch, who pioneered a new learning operating system called Touch-on-Cloud engaged UXD to help them conceive, design and deliver a tablet based learning application targeting school children.

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We are a user experience design firm based in Bangalore, India. We design software products, applications and websites that will make your user happy and your business successful.

recent work

Now, design a website on your phone.

Vistaprint chose UXD to help them with the challenge of engineering a mobile app with which one could design and build a website in 5 minutes!

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We are a user experience design firm based in Bangalore, India. We design software products, applications and websites that will make your user happy and your business successful.

recent work

Redesigning Gifting is a crowd sourced and curated collection of exquisite gift ideas. We worked with the Giftloop team to help them, think through online gifting, tighten up the overall concept/ approach and re-design the user experience of their eCommerce start-up.

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We are a user experience design firm based in Bangalore, India. We design software products, applications and websites that will make your user happy and your business successful.

recent work

Food, friends and facebook

Etable is a social network for food lovers. The idea was to offer a seamless experience for users to contribute content, rate, review and interact with their friends on UXD was engaged to reconceive the experience on to suit a crowd sourced business model as against a curated one.

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We are a user experience design firm based in Bangalore, India. We design software products, applications and websites that will make your user happy and your business successful.

recent work

Designing websites that deliver

The Strides website - was commissioned to UXD. The challenge was in representing a complex business with a multitude of entities and brands spread across over the globe in one corporate website.

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  • CGI
  • BIAL
  • Vistaprint
  • Myntra
  • Jockey
  • Strides
  • Capillary
  • and many more ...

quote If you need to create an experience behind stunning designs, UXD knows how quote
quote Highly recommended. The UXD team has consistently delivered outstanding clean designs and very practical ideas with an impeccable work ethics. This quality and commitment from them is what has given us the confidence to rely on them for key strategic projects.quote
Jatin Malik
Linkedin Fiberlink
quoteUXD is truly brilliant! Hands down to the team for creating remarkable designs for our widely accepted application. I attribute a good portion of encouraging feedbacks received from global clienteles to UXD.quote
Lohith Amrendra
quote The team at UX Design Labs surpassed all our expectations with the final outcome of our engagement. They were able to deliver quality work in a short period of time, and their creativity, expertise and design quality is something we have not seen in any other design company so far. Two thumbs way up! quote
Revitej Yadalam
quoteHarness is an education start-up developing some revolutionary and patented apps for education. We needed a thought partner to develop a snazzy user interface, a good user experience is no more a delighter. It is a must-have.

I had interacted with few user experience firms in Europe and scouted for a reliable firm in India. And I found UX Design Labs. I was impressed with their website and they seemed to understand the difference between graphics design and user experience design. We signed a contract within a week and marched on.

The UXD team follows a very sensible process for interaction design. They start with wire frames in a simple software like Excel. The first deliverable of the wire frame itself lends a lot of clarity to the app and separates different functions of your app in a logical fashion. Before any draft wire frame, the UXD team does a lot of research on prevailing apps and their knowledge of apps across devices and platforms is impressive.

The team is also open to scope changes which often happens during product design stage. They also have a great graphics team that designs pretty cool visual interfaces (they give you a few basic visual concepts to choose from, all of them are usually of high quality).

Overall, they live by their promise that their team is cross-functional. They are also quite affordable for start-ups. Overall, I would strongly recommend Shim and their team for any novel user interaction design project.quote
quote We have had the pleasure of working with UXD from the time we first started MobStac. As a startup company focussed on a global market, we needed a website that emanated elegance and a focus on great user experience, and UXD delivered precisely that...quote
Ravi Pratap M
Linkedin CTO,
quote I work with UX Design Labs on many important and mission-critical projects - from print design to e-commerce websites. I am very impressed by their design skills, and the breadth and depth of their service portfolio. I really appreciate the level of detail, business acumen, professionalism, and quality that goes into every project I outsource to UXD... quote
quoteWhen I approached UXD, I wanted a fresh and international makeover for our website. I was amazed at how quickly UXD grasped our requirement, the communication objective and our business space to deliver an innovative user experience coupled with an excellent design. I fully recommend UXD for their professionalism, business insight and stunning designs.quote
Antony Kunjachan
quote UXD was able to take our business plan for setting up an Art Portal and weave a powerful web strategy right from branding, website and user interface design right thru to delivery of website... quote
quote It has been a pleasure working with UX Design Lab; they showed the capability and creative mind to express ideas exactly as we had wanted, and turn out something that delighted our customers and us alike in terms of elegance of design and usability. People @ UXD took responsibility to meet our deadlines. quote
Sushmita Das Gupta
quote UX Design Labs work has been the driving factor in the success of the i-Nurture website, with on-time deliverables and excellent support in the areas of website design and development. We confidently recommend them as experts in their field.. quote
Nikhil Kapoor
Linkedin CEO, iNuture
quote We needed a branding and communication plan for our suite of service offering.... one which would provide a unified theme as well as be in line with our business strategy. UXD responded very well to the challenge and helped us in not just with the strategy formulation but also with all communication needed to achieve this... quote
Rajat Mohanty,
Linkedin CEO, Paladion

GUI DesignSoftware Applications across devices

We design applications that can make your user happy and your business successful. We provide usability engineering and interface design services that help organizations ensure that their products and applications work well in the hands of users, customers and clients.

We design application interfaces for cloud-based enterprise apps, thick client applications, iPad/ iPhone applications, android applications and e-commerce websites. With UXD's user-centric applications, you will be uniquely positioned to deliver an enriched user experience to your consumers - anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

E-commerece Sites designE-commerce Sites &
Online Business portals
Our approach and processes help entrepreneurs bring innovative ideas to the market within a predictable time span and result. We work with you not just to develop the interface and look-and-feel of your product, but also to ensure that your product succeeds in meeting specified business and marketing objectives.

Working with us can significantly reduce the time required to get your product right. Instead of developing blind and iterating, our approach helps companies deliver exactly what users actually want, more efficiently.
Corporate & Brand WebsitesCorporate &
Brand Websites
UXD is a bit different from your standard web design shop or development company. We design user experiences for your online presence that is memorable and has a positive impact on your brand.

We believe that user experience design is not about designing pretty websites. It's about making it work for you. We design websites that create lasting impressions, improve brand recall, forge an emotional connect, build credibility and trust, generate leads and sell your products.

At UXD, the folks working on your website are from advertising and communication background, and understand that this is a communication and brand building exercise and not just a website design project.

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Design Thinking
& Modelling
Information Architecture &
Interaction Design
Visual Experience
Front End

We specialize in building user centric websites and applications that are intuitive, engaging and simple to use. To ensure that we walk the talk, we have over time acquired capabilities in various faculties which come together to deliver 'delight'. Our multi-disciplinary skills have its roots in our understanding of behavioural sciences, art, aesthetics, technology, strategy and engineering. But from a process and engagement point of view we offer our services under four mutually exclusive capabilities.

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Understand &
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Analyze &
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Step 3
Structure &
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Step 5
Develop &
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Process for E-commerce website design

Whether you are starting to make your presence felt online, or simply leveraging the channel, or have hit upon the next big online idea, chances are that you will need professional help. When your website progresses from merely being a website and becomes your business, we can help you design it like one.

At UXD, we have been successfully forging memorable relationships between the brand and the individual. Our design approach and processes seek to thrill shoppers with a superior experience, and makes it incredibly easy and enjoyable to shop online.

We can help you bring innovative ideas to the market within a predictable time span and result. We work with you not just to develop the interface and look-and-feel of your e-commerce website, but also to ensure that your site succeeds in meeting specified business, marketing and conversion objectives.

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Chances are that, you are reading this because you have identified an opportunity in the market and have got that big idea - product/ portal/ mobile app --- whatever. Else you have launched it but feel you would rather use your competitor's product ;) Either way, for an enterprise or an entrepreneur, the fist step is to identify the opportunity and believe in the big idea.

So Step 1 is about you - your idea, your understanding of the need, your hunch that it will work. We can be around in case you need someone to validate your assumptions, evaluate the opportunity, do a SWOT or discuss a go-to-market strategy.


There are no defined activities or deliverables in the stage except for a few brainstorming sessions if you pay for the beers.


Identifying the opportunity and coming up with a killer idea are two different things. More often, it is not just one big idea but an eclectic mix of many little ideas that is packaged into a product/ service offering.

If you have identified an opportunity, chances are that 20 others are already working on it. Step 2 is about understanding the need with greater depth through research and thinking up usable ideas that the 20 others have not thought of.


We can help you by wearing our green hat or by playing the devils advocate. This would help you concretize the idea with more clarity and come up with new twists that could offer greater value to your users. The outcome is usually a concept note/ business case doc.


Behind many good ideas that fail is someone who was in a big hurry to take it to market. Someone said - fail fast - and most of them do just that.

There is much to think through and we can chip in. We can help you concretize the idea... envision the product... define value propositions...document the go-to-market strategy... also help you with more serious stuff like segmenting, targeting, positioning and differentiating.


A strategy doc in which you can add anything - product strategy, go-to-market strategy, on-boarding, marketing, branding, communication strategy .. and more.


Our solution is only as good as our understanding. Analysis answers questions pertaining to the business landscape, personas, scenarios and functional & user requirements. But most importantly we try and understand who your users are and what they want - what motivates them and what makes them happy.

We also audit your existing applications for usability and UX deficits or to look for new ideas to enhance the existing user experience.


User Requirement Document / User stories. If you do not have them, then we would need a lot of face time for analysis. If you do not know what your users want, then we would like to start with user research.


The outcome of this stage is a good understanding of your users, their needs, wants, desires, use cases, user stories etc documented in formats we understand for internal consumption.


Once we feel we have understood enough and have internalized what we have understood, we pick up the papers and pencils. We are yet to find a prototyping tool that beats this.

We think, discuss, argue, scribble, sketch, erase, sketch again ... this goes on till we feel that we have a grip on the key interactions and work flows. We then go on to make Lo-FI wireframes and then interactive hi-fidelity prototypes which can help you and the users get involved in the engineering process. This way we add more detail iteratively and ensure that we have the users on our side.


User Requirement document/ use case document


Lo-Fi wire frames and then Hi-Fi interactive Wire frames.


Well of course form follows function. But form MUST follow function else the best engineered interactions can look all too shabby and unusable and the users would be less inclined to use it.

So, once the user interaction has been captured in the wire frames, we begin the visual experience design. This phase brings together communication design, visualization, messaging, instruction, graphic design, typography, iconography and other graphic components to build a visual language that would enhance the experience engineered during the previous phase.


Hi-Fidelity Wire frames with documentation


The outcome of this stage are fully finished visual/ GUI designs and the relevant style sheets


This stage involves integrating two parts - front end and back end. With increasing complexity of platforms, devices and interoperability, we found the need for specialists for quality deliverables. So while we can deliver a good front end code, we outsource the back end development. But we take the monkey off your back by managing the project and hand holding the development team to ensure that the deliverables match everyones expectations.


Hi-Fi wire frames with documentation along with visual designs in photoshop files


The source code

Layer 7 - Development
Layer 6 - Visual Design
Layer 5 - Interaction Design
Layer 4 - Information Architecture
Layer 3 - User Research
Layer 2 - Analysis
Layer 1 - Understand

1- Understand

Building a profitable business application requires clear vision and a user experience that is clearly in sync with its vision. Our solution is only as good as our understanding of this vision. In this phase we get the birds eye view of the overall context and get answers to questions pertaining to the business, product, users, objectives, technology etc. We spend some time to...

  • Understand your business
  • Understand your objectives
  • Understand the application/ product/ idea
  • Understand the opportunity
  • Analyze what value we offer
  • Analyze the business landscape
  • Study competition, competitors products
  • Understand Personas, scenarios, activities
  • Analyze Features, functionalities, workflows
  • Study Existing user feedback
  • Understand use cases, Create user stories
  • Examine USPs, Differentiations
  • Study Technology platform, possibilities, limitations
  • Calculate How much time we have

2- Analysis

Once we understand, we know what to analyze. The previous phase also helps us with the estimations, approach and proposal. Once that is out of the way we get down to more serious business. Analysis is a more formal phase and a business analyst/ consultant is assigned to the project whose main task is to: -

  • Analyze the existing application and functional requirements based on client inputs. If required, conduct a detailed Heuristic Evaluation/ Usability Audit
  • Brain storm and validate the baseline application functionalities on a granular level which is necessary for the application to compete in the market.
  • Define new features and functionalities that differentiate the application from competition. Understand new features and functionalities being added.
  • Get answers to questions using deep analysis. Is there a big idea or are there many smaller ones? Can we innovate? How can we make the interaction easier? Do we need all these screens? What innovative methods can be used? What unique features can we add that's not out there? How can we exploit technology?

3- User Research

As the users increasingly demand more sophisticated features with extreme ease of use, putting them at center stage is what will make applications succeed. We try and understand who your users are and what they want...what motivates them and what makes them happy.

We conduct User Research on target user sets to understand the user personas, scenarios & contexts, analyze and gather the user needs and requirements, document what content and functionality is required to meet diverse user objectives, define user goals and user stories.

Research Methodologies (Formal Research is Outsourced)

Quantitative, qualitative & experimental ethnography Observations, questionnaires One-to-One interviews, Focus Groups Iterative usability evaluations A/B Testing, Cognitive Walk through, Heuristic Evaluations and Eye Tracking

4- Information Architecture

They say information that's hard to find will remain information that's hardly found. Information architecture is done with emphasis on ease of finding or accessing data, information or any other kind of content, feature or functionality and thereby enhancing user's ability to easily search, browse, discover,navigate and find what he/ she wants to complete tasks. The process helps in architecting the information in such a way that it is findable, user consumable and effortless to work on. The emphisis is also to structure the application modules on a global level to conceive a usable navigation using modern navigational paradigms.

In this phase, the bulk of our efforts are spent on architecting the interfaces with emphasis on layout, structuring, zoning, navigation, page hierarchy, taxonomy and labelling.

5- Interaction Design

Here we deal with the 'action' that a user wants to perform. While we structure content and access to functions in such a way as to facilitate swift accomplishment of goals and tasks in the previous phase, in this phase we focus on interaction with the data/ information/ functionality/ content using patterns, idioms to make the interaction as simple and usable as possible. It focuses on defining the workflow of the application based on the user's mental model of the system.

Tasks include mapping of use cases to work flows, exploring usable patterns made possible by the latest in technology, functional architecture, controls, dynamic content etc. Interaction design calls for exercises like workflow analysis, usage scenarios, wireframed walkthroughs, iterative prototyping and so on

6- Visual Design

Bringing in a WOW factor through powerful, arresting aesthetics, stunning visual appeal and high levels of finishing and detailing.

This phase brings together communication design, visualization, messaging, instruction, graphic design, typography, iconography and other graphic components to build a powerful visual GUI that would enhance the visual experience engineered during the previous phase while taking usability to the next level.

The deliverables in this phase include Photoshop files, vector icons for all devices and resolutions and style guides to help you extend the design to other screens

7- Development

This has two parts - the front end and the back end integration.

With increasing complexity of platforms, devices and interoperability, we found the need for specialists for quality deliverables. So while we can deliver a good front end code, we outsource the back end development. But we take the monkey off your back by managing the project and hand holding the development team to ensure that the deliverables match expectations

Application Design Process

Designing simple applications is not that simple. It takes twice the effort and time and the steps it requires are twice as hard. We think it takes a lot to design a good experience. Our structured process brings together the effort of diverse skill sets into a collaborative environment which also includes you so that you stay closely involved

Our dynamic team based in Bangalore, India, includes experts in strategy, design, usability, communications, ethnographic and user research, information architecture, interaction design and information visualization, prototyping and programming. Our process not just consolidates our skills but it also helps us to innovate at different stages of the product life cycle so that the resultant product is one which your users fall in love with.

Click on the layers on the left for more.


We are a cross-disciplinary team of Interaction designers, Information architects, Communication & visual designers, GUI designers, Content specialists and Web strategists. We wow your users by engineering and designing pleasurable user experiences for applications across devices and platforms.

The team at UXD is small, close-knit and hard working lot. We are focused and deliver solutions that are beyond the capacity of other similarly sized operations. At UXD, clients have access to high-level UX expertise without the prohibitive rates and egos that are sometimes present in larger organizations.

By combining our strategic, creative and technology skills with our ability to innovate, we help convert opportunities into real solutions with our proven process of research, innovation, planning and execution.

Shim J Palladan

Founder & Chief Experience Officer

Shim J Palladan has made his career as an entrepreneur who walks the fine line between human emotions, computers and commerce. read more...

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Kranti M

Director - Strategic Consulting

At UXD, Kranti focuses on working with our clients on 'Digital Success Consulting' for digital propertie. Be it a business critical website, mobile app or ecommerce initiatives, he knows what it takes to make it happen. read more...

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Design Creates Desire

Design gives a unique and strong character to everything. It creates desire and with it the wish to possess. That way design influences the consumer behavior substantially and fosters emotional bond between brands and customers.

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Desire Creates Business

Today, when we are talking about innovation, we are actually talking about design. The most successful and respected businesses don't satisfy our needs... they go after our desires. And they do it with better design.

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So, "Good design is good business"
Thomas Watson, IBM, 1950s

When your website or your application is your 'business', design it like one. Great design drives today's businesses, and we at UXD are in the business of creating your business by design.

We are a boutique user experience design firm based in Bangalore, India. We are in the business of designing desirable applications and websites

Over the last 5 years we have designed a variety of applications and websites which are easy and delightful to use. And in doing so we have learnt that the key to making world class visual or functional user experiences is not just random expertise but the subtle art of integrating them. Syncing the left with the right, the analytical with the creative, the form with the function.

By combining our design skills with our ability to innovate, we help convert opportunities into real solutions.

Project Planning
User Research
User Testing

Our process is systematic enough to deliver the intentional, yet flexible to deliver innovative experiences

While we understand the need for rigid linear processes, we also tend to juggle the elements to encourage new ideas and out-of-box thinking.

Our process is at the heart of what we do. It has been fine-tuned over time to allow iterative design based on user feedbacks, our interpretation of them (sometimes what they say is not what they mean) and the creative sparks that fly around here.

It is an outcome of understanding the thinking and tasks involved in creating simple, usable applications and websites. Our method has been adopted from what we have learned over the years in the field of user experience. This method keeps evolving by tracking and factoring in new research findings and the new realities that we exist in today.

We think Simple

We think Simple

Simple interfaces are easy on the eye, effortless to understand and also to use. It makes life easier and hence happier for the user. They will love you for it! But while all that is true, most 'simple' interfaces are too plain and lackluster. We make sure that our interfaces are as aesthetic as their functionalities are intuitive. We believe that we need to balance form and function to create a unique user experience.

We understand...the Whole

We understand... the Whole

A successful product or application is the result of detailed and thorough understanding of the fundamental business processes behind it - the organizational objectives, competition, marketing fundamentals, go to market strategy, entry barriers, USP, core value etc. We listen, analyze and understand the facts in their totality and the insights we gain is factored into our designs

We the User

We the User

The user is at the core of all that we do at UX Design Labs. We pride ourselves for our ability to 'think user' and look at our work from an 'outside in' perspective. Our user research process is tuned to hear what they say and 'pick up' what they don't. We use these findings to drive our work and help us design products and websites that really matter to them.



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Our service is prompt and personal and we take pride in it! Drop us a line for an informal chat about your project or to setup a more detailed meeting.

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