McSales Transforming Field Sales: An Early Mobile Automation App Integrating Leading ERP Systems, Enabling Real-Time Inventory and Travel Insights. Read more One of the earliest mobile field sales force automation apps ever built integrated with a leading ERP. It not only freed sales professionals from carrying their laptops, but also calculated distances traveled, checked inventory, […]


IGI Health Enhancing Healthcare Accessibility: UX/UI Design for IGI Health’s Digital Experience. Read more IGI Health sought to make healthcare more accessible through a user-friendly website design. Collaborating closely with their team, we created an interface that catered to various users, from medical professionals to patients. The design emphasized intuitive navigation and alignment with the […]


AURA Uberizing Beauty & Wellness: An App Design Connecting Consumers with Industry Professionals. Read more Aura is an innovative app that has transformed the beauty and wellness industry with a unique pricing model, charging professionals a flat fee to offer their services. By bridging the gap between consumers and beauty professionals, it simplifies access to […]


CGI Interactive Content Across Projection Systems and Touch Devices for a Global IT Services & Consulting Major Read more CGI India partnered with UXD to transform their customer visit centers across the country. The aim was to create a memorable journey from start to finish, integrating digital touchpoints like interactive kiosks and projection systems. The […]


Amagi Crafting a Unique Digital Presence: Website Development for Amagi’s Unconventional Brand Identity Read more Amagi engaged us to craft a digital presence that would resonate with their unconventional brand identity. The project involved a meticulous understanding of Amagi’s vision, followed by the design and development of a website that would echo their distinctiveness. Through […]


Expify Enhancing Lives with Expify: A Community-Driven Platform to Share and Unearth Exceptional Experiences Read more Expify was born out of a desire to elevate everyday living by connecting individuals through shared experiences. Recognizing the gap in timely, proactive information, Expify set out to create a platform where users could both share their unique experiences […]


Arjuna Naturals Crafting a Global Presence: Designing Corporate and eCommerce Websites for Arjuna Naturals Read more UXD took the lead in creating a corporate website for Arjuna Naturals, along with their retail eCommerce platform, The goal was to not only reach a global audience but also to establish credibility and drive lead generation. By […]


Pennyful Deal Hunting Reimagined: Pennyful’s eCommerce Portal for Exclusive Offers Read more Pennyful’s ambition was to become the go-to hub for deals, offers, and coupons. We dove into a usability audit and embarked on a journey of re-engineering and visual experience design. The result was an overall restructuring that created a seamless navigation and an […]


Collegify Empowering Dreams: Crafting Collegify’s Gateway to US College Admissions Read more Collegify Collaborates with UXD to Engineer a Sophisticated Application Process Management Portal for Aspiring International Students. Collegify had the expertise, track record, and determination to succeed in the competitive world of US college admissions. What they needed was a website that embodied their […]


giftloop Simplifying Gifting: No More Confusion in Deciding and Purchasing the Perfect Present. Read more represents a thoughtful collection of handpicked gift ideas, curated with an eye for elegance and appeal. Collaborating with the Giftloop team, we embarked on a journey to refine the online gifting process. Our involvement included crystallizing the core concept, […]