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Transforming Human Resource Management with AI-Powered Solutions

In recognizing the dynamic nature of the modern workforce, Peoplehum sought our expertise in user experience design to thoroughly reevaluate and rejuvenate their core platform. Through in-depth investigation into the evolution of hiring practices and employee engagement, we worked closely with Peoplehum to reimagine the user experience. Our collaboration resulted in a platform that not only reflects current industry trends but also aligns with the nuanced and ever-changing needs of both employers and employees.

Services rendered:

UX Documentation | In-depth Persona Profiling | Journey Mapping | Interaction Design | Wireframing & Prototyping | Visual Communication Design | UI Design

Target One

Empowering Marketers with TargetOne: A Cloud-Based Solution for Personalized Retail Marketing Campaigns.

TargetOne stands as a state-of-the-art cloud platform that streamlines the execution of targeted and personalized retail marketing campaigns. By harnessing the power of predictive analytics, it equips marketers with the tools to reach precisely defined customer segments effortlessly. Recognizing the need for an intuitive and engaging interface, UX Designers were enlisted to overhaul a suite of retail, analytics, and campaign management applications. The result is a consumer-grade user experience tailored for enterprise users, ensuring that sophisticated marketing strategies can be deployed with simplicity and efficiency.

Services rendered:

UX Documentation | Journey Mapping | Interaction Design | Wire-framing & Prototyping | Visual Communication Design | UI Design


Collaborating with Zyme to Improve Usability of Channel Data Management Product (Recently Acquired by E2open).

Our mission with Zyme was to conduct a thorough usability audit and redesign one of their major channel data management products. Given the massive data flow and transactions handled by Zyme’s products, our redesign was meticulously planned to mitigate any downstream impacts. Our collaborative approach with the Zyme development team ensured a smooth and effective transition.

Services rendered:

UX Deep Audit | Journey Crafting | Interaction Design | Wireframing & Prototyping | UI Design | Design Systems | Interface Engineering | Development Support

Compact Identity

Secure and Efficient Identity & Access Management Solutions

Compact Identity is a renowned Single Sign-On solution that serves a worldwide market. Recognizing the need to rejuvenate the product, we reimagined the visual layer, enhancing its usability and infusing a modern aesthetic. With this transformation, Compact Identity now stands as a complete IAM solution that is not only deep and comprehensive but also uniquely accessible. Even non-IT professionals can implement it with ease. Through our design expertise, UXD played a vital role in making this accessibility possible.

Services rendered:

UX Documentation | Journey Mapping | Interaction Design | Wireframing & Prototyping | Visual Communication Design | UI Design


Redesign of a Leading Low-Code Enterprise-Grade Integrated AI Chatbot and Live Chat Platform, Enhancing Customer Engagement.

Designing chatbots demands a deep understanding of conversational design. Engati, a leading platform for developing enterprise-grade bots, tapped into our UX/UI design expertise and our understanding of Conversational Design to escalate its platform’s usability, interface, and design framework. Our goal was to elevate user interactions, making it effortless to build, train, and integrate bots into their existing infrastructure.

Services rendered:

UX Documentation | Interaction Design | Wireframing & Prototyping | Visual Communication Design | UI Design


Bringing business to applications to life with SAP Fiori. Design Collaboration with Arteria, a Leading SAP Consulting Firm

SAP Fiori is more than just a design system; it’s a playground for creating business apps with an unparalleled user experience. In collaboration with Fiori and the product team at Arteria, we crafted a ‘Design System’ that enabled the development team to weave their application interfaces for client implementations with finesse.

Services rendered:

Interaction Design | Wireframing & Prototyping | Visual Storytelling Design | Interface Engineering | Iconography | Design Systems

Green Power Systems

Website Redesign for a Clean Energy Company

GPS is at the forefront of providing advanced biogas solutions to businesses and governments, employing state-of-the-art technology. The goal of our website design is to articulate GPS’s unique offerings and patented technologies to a discerning audience of institutional investors and financiers who champion eco-friendly initiatives. Serving as an informative platform, the website will elucidate GPS’s exceptional approach and unwavering commitment to innovation and sustainability in the biogas sector.

Services rendered:

Website Strategy | Information Architecture | Interaction Design | Visual Communication Design | Content Editing | Website Development


Navigate Success: Edroads' Ultimate Test-Prep Platform

EdRoads, a leading provider of study abroad test preparation and application assistance for GRE, GMAT, and SAT, partnered with UXD to elevate their online presence. The objective was to craft a website that would not only encapsulate their proficiency in educational guidance but also position them as a premium player in their domain. Through strategic design and thoughtful content layout, the new website reflected EdRoads’ commitment to quality and excellence, providing potential students with a reliable platform to embark on their international academic journeys

Services rendered:

Information Architecture | Interaction Design | Visual Communication Design | Content Editing | Website Development