Enhancing the Job Search Experience through Human-Centered Design



The project was carried out for the Professional Beauty Group, a reputable company in the beauty and wellness industry. During a one-month research study, we confirmed the potential for growth by verifying the company’s existing knowledge of the demand-side issues. This helped to validate their understanding of the market and the opportunities for expanding their services



The beauty and wellness industry operates in a unique fashion compared to conventional white-collar industries. Unlike traditional industries, the employment landscape in the beauty and wellness sector is not as structured, and job openings are not often advertised through traditional job portals. Instead, the recruitment process in this field may involve more personal connections and networking. As a result, job seekers in this industry may need to be proactive in their job search and be open to exploring alternative methods of finding job opportunities.

The Challenge

The task at hand was to develop an application for an industry that primarily relies on WhatsApp for recruitment, despite the availability of advanced AI-based recruitment solutions.



User research
• Brain storming
• Design Thinking Information Architecture
• Taxonomy
• Interaction Design & Prototyping
• Interface Design & Design Systems  
• Visual Communication Design Development Support 



The job market is a constantly evolving landscape, and job seekers often find the traditional job search process to be cumbersome and ineffective. They struggle to navigate an overwhelming number of job postings and the time-consuming task of tailoring resumes to each opportunity. Additionally, candidates are faced with a highly competitive market and often find it challenging to differentiate themselves from others.



To design a recruitment and upskilling application that addresses the pain points of both job seekers and candidates and enhances the overall job search experience.



We conducted thorough research by engaging with job seekers and candidates to gain an in-depth understanding of their needs and challenges. Our research revealed that job seekers were dissatisfied with the traditional job search model due to its inefficiency and lack of personalization.

Primary Persona

Robin is a 28-year-old beauty therapist who is passionate about his craft but is frustrated with the traditional job search process. As someone who values personal connections and networking, he feels disconnected from conventional job portals. He often relies on informal channels like WhatsApp or personal contacts to find opportunities.



Industry-Specific Dynamics: The beauty and wellness industry operates differently from conventional industries. Personal connections and networking play a critical role in job seeking, which is often not addressed by standard job portals.

Inefficiency of Traditional Methods: Many job seekers in this industry were found to be dissatisfied with the standard job search process, feeling that it was cumbersome, time-consuming, and lacking personalization.

Need for Upskilling: There was a clear desire among professionals for continuous learning and upskilling, emphasizing the need for a platform that could offer relevant educational resources and certifications tailored to industry demands.

Preference for Informal Channels: The research might have revealed that job seekers often relied on informal channels like WhatsApp, indicating a preference for more personal and direct communication methods.

User-Friendliness and Accessibility: Both job seekers and employers in the industry may have expressed the need for a user-friendly interface that simplifies the recruitment process and makes it accessible to those who may not be tech-savvy.

Personal Connection Value: Emphasizing personal relationships, the research could have shown that job seekers value opportunities where they feel a connection to the company culture and team, rather than just viewing the position as a transactional opportunity.

Visual and Aesthetic Preferences: Given the nature of the industry, visual aesthetics and presentation might have been found to be essential, reflecting the artistic and creative elements that resonate with beauty and wellness professionals.

Challenges in Differentiation: Job seekers might have shared frustrations regarding their inability to differentiate themselves in a crowded and competitive market, indicating a need for a platform that can highlight their unique skills and experiences.

Adaptation to Modern Technologies: Despite relying on traditional methods like WhatsApp, there might have been an openness and curiosity towards embracing modern, AI-based solutions if they align with the industry’s unique characteristics.

Data Security and Privacy Concerns: The use of informal channels might have brought up concerns regarding the security and privacy of personal information, emphasizing the need for a platform that ensures data protection.



Armed with these insights, we developed an innovative recruitment and upskilling application that addresses the pain points of both job seekers and candidates. The application streamlines the job search process by allowing job seekers to tailor their resumes to multiple job postings at once and also provides them with upskilling opportunities to increase their chances of being hired. The application also helps candidates to showcase their skills and qualifications in a personalized, compelling way, making it easier for them to stand out from the competition.



The application was launched on the app store and received positive feedback from both job seekers and candidates. We are now entering the post-launch growth and consolidation phase. The application has received overwhelming positive feedback and inquiries from its users.



Our human-centered design approach led to the creation of a recruitment and upskilling application that enhances the job search experience for both job seekers and candidates. We are confident that our application will revolutionize the job market and empower more people to find their dream jobs.



With a clear objective, efficiency flourishes. Our objective was clearly defined, and within a period of five months, we successfully achieved the research, design, development, testing, and app store placement phases of the project. The app was launched in December 2022 and has garnered positive reviews from both users and recruiters. We are excited to move ahead with the next stage of development, which includes incorporating AI-assisted features and supporting our client in expanding their business.