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XCM Solutions

Product Design Partner for Over 7 Years for a Workflow Management Software (Recent Acquisition by Wolters Kluwer).

Long-term UX partnership spanning over 7 years. We were engaged in continuous improvement of their flagship workflow management product used by over 35000 financial professionals in the US & Canada. With the help of minimal yet effective qualitative and quantitative research methods, we were successful in re-engineering the products across all areas of product design.

Services rendered:

UX Research | Domain Research |  Use Case & UX Documentation | Information Architecture | Interaction Design | Visual Communication Design | Design System | Development Support | UX Recruitment Support

LAVA Phone

Designing an Entire Operating Layer with 20+ Native Apps for a Leading Phone Manufacturer.

While Lava focused on research, development, and innovation, UXD led the design effort to create a seamless “Operating Layer” for stock Android. Designed for ease of use, this new system is perfect for first-time smartphone users. And that’s not all – UXD also brought new life to essential apps like Dialer, Messaging, Calendar, Media Player, Camera, and more than a dozen other native apps that come with the phone. Get ready for a truly unparalleled mobile experience!

Services rendered:

User Research | Extensive UX Documentation | Persona Profiling & Journey Mapping | Interaction Design | Wire-framing & Prototyping | Interface Design | Continuous Development Support | Design Systems


A Fresh Approach to Talent Acquisition in the Beauty and Wellness Industry

What if you could search, interview, and secure a job all in one day? Imagine being able to showcase your career and create a profile in just 2 minutes with a short video. And what if you could secure a job through a simple chat?

Enter Kohot – the innovative recruitment app for the beauty and wellness industry. Kohot serves as a matchmaking platform, providing an instant connection between job seekers and employers in need of new employees. With Kohot, the process of finding the right fit for both parties is made simple and efficient.

Services rendered:
From concept to market – User research | Solutioning | Product Conception | PMF Research | UX Documentation | Journey Mapping | Interaction Design | Wire-framing & Prototyping | Visual Communication Design | UI Design | Android & iOS development

Maas 360

Reimagining Endpoint Management with MaaS 360: A cognitive unified solution from IBM

For a span of four years, UXD maintained a UX design partnership with Maas 360, leading up to its acquisition by IBM. We engaged in a tight-knit collaboration with the development team, conducting regular evaluations and enhancements to optimize the user experience across the Maas 360 product suite, encompassing web, tablet, and mobile applications. Enterprise clients often considered our UX design team as an integral part of their organization. 

Services rendered:

UX Documentation | Interaction Design | Wire-framing & Prototyping | Visual Communication Design | UI Design


Revolutionizing Social Media Management with Sprinklr

Sprinklr, the world’s most comprehensive social media management platform for Fortune 100 firms, needed a total UX makeover. In our collaboration with the founding team during their early days, we conducted a UX audit and masterminded a redesign of their flagship product. This transformation re-engineered their platform to a new level of usability, putting them at the forefront of enterprise social media solutions.

Services rendered:

UX Audit & Usability Re-engineering | Interaction Design | Wireframing & Prototyping | Visual Storytelling Design | Interface Engineering | Marcom Services | Branding


Audition from the comfort of your home

The Covid-19 pandemic brought unforeseen challenges but also opened new doors of opportunity. With lockdowns driving an unprecedented increase in TV consumption, the demand for production crews and artists soared. Dishuum, an innovative auditioning app, emerged in response to this unique circumstance. Artists were faced with the challenge of long-distance travel for auditions, but Dishuum eliminated this hassle. Now, artists can effortlessly search for, find, and audition for acting roles all from the comfort of their homes. It’s a game-changing solution, redefining the audition process in an era that demands adaptability and convenience.

Services rendered:

User research | Product Conception | UX Documentation | Journey Mapping | Interaction Design | Wire-framing & Prototyping | Visual Communication Design | UI Design | Hybrid Development in Flutter


Unlock Financial Freedom: Your Journey Begins with Freebird

Nine out of ten people lack clarity about their total debt or monthly interest rates. Enter Freebird, a financial tool designed to provide transparency and control over your financial obligations. With a clear view of debt and interest rates, along with an AI-powered repayment plan, Freebird simplifies the payback process. But it doesn’t stop there – Freebird also connects users with affordable loan providers for restructuring options. All of this is made possible by UXD’s meticulously crafted product design, paving the way for a more financially empowered future.

Services rendered:

UX Audit | App Strategy | Information Architecture | Interaction Design | Visual Communication Design | UI Design 


Cultivating Connections Through Shared Interests

Krowd was a visionary social network with the ambitious goal of transcending traditional social boundaries. It wasn’t about connecting with existing friends or acquaintances but rather expanding one’s social circle on a global scale. By aligning users based on their specific interests, Krowd facilitated meaningful conversations and nurtured relationships with like-minded individuals from every corner of the world. It transformed the concept of social networking, taking it beyond mere connections to a realm of genuine engagement and shared passions.

Services rendered:

User research | Idea Validation | | UX Documentation | Journey Mapping | Interaction Design | Wire-framing & Prototyping | Visual Communication Design | UI Design | Development Support